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Explore Animals of All Kinds at Noah’s Pet Ark

From freshwater fish to four-legged friends, Noah’s Pet Ark supplies you with a wide range of animals, food and accessories at great prices. We back up our selection with a staff that offers you valuable insights into the realm of pet ownership. If you want to find the perfect first animal for your child or distinctive plants for your aquarium, Noah’s Pet Ark can help. We encourage you to ask about our freshwater aquarium water testing.

We are your Vancouver source for the following:

●   Freshwater fish

●   Reptiles

●   Small companion animals

●   Birds and Supplies

●   Small Animals and Supplies 

●   Reptiles and Supplies

●   Amphibians and Supplies 

●   Live Insects

●   And more!

Check out our locally-bred exotics and other unique offerings.

Noah’s Pet Ark has your pets, food and all the supplies you need, including:

●   Dog and cat food, toys and supplies

●   Fish food

●   Aquatic plants

●   Aquariums and supplies

●   Terrariums and supplies

●   Outdoor pond supplies

We feature some of the top brands in the industry, including but not limited to:

●    ORIJEN® pet food

●    ACANA® pet food

●    Petcurean Go!™ pet food

●    Petcurean NOW pet food

●    Natural Balance Pet Foods®

●    Laguna® fish food, aquariums and


●    Exo Terra® terrariums and accessories

●    Oxbow Animal Health®

●    Vision® bird cages

Explore Our Locally-Bred Exotic Animals - Unique Animals >>
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