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Bumble Bee Dart Frog

Explore Locally-Bred Exotics at Noah’s Pet Ark in Vancouver

Delight in the brilliant colours of locally bred dart frogs or explore a wide range of plants for your aquarium, pond or terrarium at Noah’s Pet Ark in Vancouver. We are pleased to carry a variety of locally-bred exotics, specialty pet food and all the supplies you need. Inquire about our store-bred baby budgies or browse our extensive selection of Siamese fighting fish and killifish. Keep in mind that our staff is here to help you in any way possible. We enjoy educating customers and look forward to seeing you in the store.

We offer a vast selection of unique pets you will love, including:

●   Fancy gerbil types from one of the

     country’s top breeders

●   Store-bred baby budgies

●   Locally bred dart frogs

●   Plants for aquariums, ponds and


●   Huge selection of Siamese fighting fish

●   Live and frozen foods for various fish,

     reptiles and amphibians

●   Always changing selection of killifish

     direct from award-winning local


●   Along with standard crickets and

     worms, we offer store-cultured regular

     and jumbo flightless fruit flies,

     microworms & pinhead crickets

Please call if you have questions about the animals we have available.

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